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Blossomfall is a whiny little brat that doesnt deserve Toadstep. Because he is way to awesome for her ugly face.

Blossomfall sprouted many fans after the scene with her and her mother Millie. Aparently people think being a good mother is way jank so they dis Millie and like a bratface who has no respect for anyone but herself.

Blossomfall must be the center of attention, or else she goes crazy. Explains why she is in the DF.

When Briarpaw and Bumblepaw go out hunting withought her she nags at them like a naggy mic nag face and keeps complaining.

She yells at Ivypool for getting more credit at her assesment.

She must turn evil beacause her mother is giving her super sickly sister attention she needs while naggy mic nag face doesnt need attention and now has to turn evil because mis spoiled naggy mic nag face must be the center of the universe, and the world must bow in her fabulousness. (Gag me a poisoned spoon)

And this is how naggy mic nag face is a stupid character that doesnt deserve someone as awesome a the almighty toad step.