Floodlecakes is a general user of the OOTS forum. She is a clan leader with a total of 2011 posts. You can find her in the Omen Of The Stars forum or the Art Forum. She has created various webcomic, or GN's The lost cat, OOTAS, Path Of The Dark: The forbidden emerald.

The Lost cat reached a total of [10] pages before being abandoned. It never became a popular comic and only few had faned it. OOTAS: A GN about spoofing Omen Of The Stars. It reached a total of [1] pages Gaining 30 posts within the first day. It hasnt been comfirmed if she is making any more. Path Of The Dark: The Forbidden Emerald: reached a total of [3] pages. Gaining a good bit of fans. New pages havent been updated recently.

Floodlecakes participated in the latest OOTS wedding, marrying Lionheart. A deputy of thunderclan in "Into The Wild". Floodlecakes and Lionheart both "Destroyed" the cake by jumping into it. Forced by Lionhearts love for catnip. They then later "Shuffled" to the party rock anthem. And blended Berrynose into a smoothie for Oreos splash. And had to unblend him to stop Oreos from fainting

Floodlecakes OOTS family status: Mother: Lionjaydovelvr Father: Lightflame Siblings: [3] Basement Cat, unknown, unknown Mate: Lionheart Forum mate: None

Friends: Frost_Cloud Gingerz Starblaze Rainpool88 Tearpool And Hopesplash

Cat character description: White and brown lithe tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes.

Signature: 90% Win 10% TOTAL BOSS Spill the beans and feed my curiosity~ We want freedom hear us roar! Join the freedom party today, for a better future.

Other: She is a major hater of Blossomfall for various reasons. Blossomfall is the only character she hates.

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