Leafstar is a large, lithe, broad-shouldered, muscular lion with a huge, shaggy, bushy mane, a flattish face, long, razor-sharp claws, a scar near his rump, and a filthy, skinny, bony, ragged tail.

History Edit

Leafstar is first shown battling the pride lions. He killed a dark-brown warrior with one leap, and licked the pooling blood. He has also tried to wreak havoc many times, usually failing.

When Leafstar was a cub, he was abused by his parents, evil blood-thirsty rogues. They thought he was too weak, and that his siblings could fight better. At the time he was the weak runt. They abandoned him and a muddy ditch just outside the grasslands boundary. He learned to care for himself until he met more rogues. He proved he was strong and joined them. He then tried to join the ThunderLions just to destroy them, but his secret was found out. He then found and killed his father.

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