Squirrelplight is actually the same cat as Squirrelflight, but with a much more fitting name. She is also known as Hurlflight, Squirrelblight, and sometimes, Squirrelfail.

Squirrelplight is an obnoxious, greedy, and hideous she-cat who cares about no one other than herself and is incapable of looking at a tom without shattering his heart. She has lied to her Clan and "mate" numerous times and has the power to make mountains out of molehills as long as they cause her to break up with someone. She also has a filthy and inexplicable disliking for GIR.

After a while, Aquagem got sick of her and devoured her heart, then


tied her to a car, which she then hurled into space so it would hit the Almighty Tallest and explode. Some of her body parts were found floating in various places by astronauts. All were returned to Aqua, who set them on fire.

Unfortunately, the smaller version of Squirrelplight survived and manifested as Squirrelpaw, Honeyfern, Firestar, and Cloudy Sun. He father was actually an orange.

However, Gaz found out about this plot because she is awesome, and Aqua used her lazer powers to destroy every remaining bit of Squirrelplight. Firestar banished her from StarClan for manifesting as him.

Since the DF thought she was too ginger, she was banished into oblivion with Ceiling Cat and Scourge. Scourge admitted he was her mother and Onestar was her father.

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