Voleclaw is the amazing mate of Leopardfire. They had for three kits, Heronkit, Otterkit, and Graykit. He is a handsome, funny gray tom.

It all started when Leopardfire went to Candy Land to shop for peppermints when she saw him swimming in a pool of chocolate. She told him chocolate is poisonus and Voleclaw was very grateful so they attened the OOTS Wedding and got unofficaly married. They will soon have their honey moon at Candy Island, whith Flapjack and Captain Knuckles as their servants.

Made by Leopardfire, who is one of the leopardhawks on the Warrior Forums. :)


Mate: LeopardfireEdit

Father: HailstarEdit

Mother: EchomistEdit

Siblings: Petaldust and BeetlenoseEdit

Kits: Heronkit, Graykit, and OtterkitEdit

Yay Voleclaw! Go Voleclaw! :D

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